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Guide to successful Kusuntu Match Making

01About Kusuntu Match Making

  • Kusuntu Matchmaking is a market place for African small and growing businesses and entrepreneurs looking for Private Capital type of financing.
  • Small and growing businesses owners as well as entrepreneurs are offered the possibility to access the vast array of African focused private equity funds and investors to present their business and financing need.

02How does it work

  • Register yourself on Kusuntu Matchmaking:
    Both entrepreneurs/small and growing business owners and investors/private capital firms have to register first on the platform
  • Complete the verification step by responding to Kusuntu Partners verification checks
    The Kusuntu Partners Matchmaking team will contact you to complete your registration. You will be requested to provide certified information for verification and registration fees.
  • Once the verification process is complete and the registration fees received, you will be activated
    Entrepreneurs: your invitation to financing submission will be made available to all registered investors/private capital firms
    Investors/private capital firms: you will get full access to the invitation to financing posted on the platform

03Who are eligible to Kusuntu Match Making?

    Entrepreneurs / Small and Growing Business Owners
  • Please check that you comply with all eligibility criteria before registration and prepare all proof of eligibility.
    • 3 years of operations minimum / Consumers facing business
    • 5 to 250 employees /Gross sales from 400 000 US$ per annum
    • Seeking growth capital from 100 000 US$ to 2 million US$
    • Existing business relation with local banks (loan /guarantee...)
  • You are a registered company
    • Our back-office will request for verification purpose a certified proof of registration
  • Your gross sales figures fall into our criteria
    • Our back-office will request for verification purpose a certified copy of your last two years accounts statements and P&L accounts
  • Existing business relation with a bank
    • Our back-office will request for verification purpose a certified proof of business relationship with a bank (loan/guarantee, ..)
  • Investors / Private Equity Firms
  • Our back-office will request for verification purpose a certified proof of business
  • A registration discount will be provided to those investors and Private Equity Firms that regularly maintain their data on the Kusuntu African Private Equity Directory

04Your Registration to Kusuntu MatchMaking

  • Carefully follow the instructions on the registration template and provide as much as details possible to get your business presentation attractive
  • Attach any relevant presentation document that could support your request for funding (business plan, statement of account, bank certification, auditor letters, presentation pitch, etc)
  • Do not hesitate to provide in the relevant section any pictures or video presenting your business (plant, factory, store, product, teams, etc)
  • All information provided to Kusuntu Partners and on the Kusuntu Matchmaking platform are confidential and will only be used for the purpose of match making
  • You may decide to withdraw your posted information at any time
  • Kusuntu Partners will withdraw your posting at the end of your subscription period. You are allow to renew your subscription at any time after the term of your previous subscription

05Responding to Investors and Private Equity Firms Solicitation
You will be contacted by those Investors and / or Private Equity Firms interested in your offer.
For being ready to that event:

  • Maintain a folder with a copy of all information you have provided within the Kusuntu Matchmaking platform
  • Review and qualification of business proposals before publishing
  • Respond diligently to the investor/Private Equity Firm request
  • Just in case, regularly check out the spam folder of your email program