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Kusuntu Directory - Glossary
Kusuntu glossary aims to help you understand the most important Private Equity concepts. It contains terms used in the industry. It does not claim to be exhaustive despite our efforts. To be more precise, it is a wiki like section where any registered user may feel free to submit new definitions.
Thanks for your understanding and contribution.
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A Round a financing event whereby venture capitalists become involved in a fast growth company that was previously financed by founders and/or angels.

Accredited investor a person or legal entity, such as a company or trust fund, that meets certain net worth and income qualifications and is considered to be sufficiently sophisticated to make investment decisions in complex situations. Regulation D of the Securities >>

Airball a loan whose value exceeds the value of the collateral.

Alpha a term derived from statistics and finance theory that is used to describe the return produced by a fund manager in excess of the return of a benchmark index. Manager returns and benchmark returns are measured net of the risk-free rate. In >>

Angel a wealthy individual that invests in companies in relatively early stages of development. Usually angels invest less than $1 million per startup.

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